CLA's Service Delivery Team is taking referrals for it's new service "Skillshop".
Skillshop is for people who aren't after a traditional dayservice environment, people who have specific goals in mind or people just after something a bit different. Skillshop service agreements are for 12 week blocks, with the option to extend if people would like more time to achieve their goals. Our intent is to have exclusively small groups, to allow for maximum learning and connection with peers and facilitator. 
There is no out of pocket contribution, but people might be encouraged to purchase their own PPE, tools of the trade, or ingredients etc. 
If people choose to do both sessions in one day, they will not be supported between the two sessions (as locations may vary, be community based, or be led by different staff members)
If people do not wish to share staff on a ratio, we will need to meet to risk assess how we can make it work best for everyone.
Timetable is as follows:
Metamorphosis 9-12, 1-4 
Kitchen Kings 9-12, Brew Crew 1-4
Limelight 9-12, Imagination Station 1-4
Voyagers 9-12, Urban Rewilding 1-4
Mind Your Own Business 9-12, Educating your community 1-4