Community Lifestyles Agency also provides excellent Social and Community Participation options, for both increasing and accessing the community.
This service is designed to provide opportunities for people with a disability to gain valued roles within their community and social independence.
Along with great opportunities there is a focus on developing skills e.g. volunteering, workskills, relationships and around transport: taxis, bus, trains, bikes, boats, flying foxes, paragliding, jet skis and planes!


Community Participation and Skill Development

Need support to learn new skills, engage with your community or expand your network of friends?

CLA  will work with you to identify your strengths, interests and aspirations and to create a tailored service to suit your needs and individual funding arrangements. Support can be provided individually or CLA can support you to investigate shared support arrangements.

CLA can support you to:

  • Learn new skills with individual programs to build, developing or regain skills in a range of areas to ensure that you are as independent as possible

  • Get organised through assistance to do your shopping, pay the bills and attend appointments

  • Build on an interest by taking that passion and linking you to interest groups, courses or one of our in-house programs

  • Try new things that your community has to offer

  • Get healthy and active - learning to grow and cook healthy food, working out at the local gym or with a personal trainer, being a member of a sporting team, joining a walking group or using the local hydrotherapy pool

  • Play sport - with the local sports team

  • Lions Club - supports to volunteer with the local Lions Club and give back to your community and make new friends! 

  • Innovative Supports - there is no limit - we love a challenge so hit us up with your craziest idea and we'll start supporting you to making it happen!