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Community Lifestyles Agency Inc. was formed in 1989 and incorporated in July 1990, and currently provides supports for 83 individuals and their families. We are so looking forward to our 30th Birthday party coming up shortly!

Furthermore, Community Lifestyles Agency employs 146 locals, and is based locally, run by locals. This makes us one of the larger employers in our region!
Community Lifestyles Agency Inc. is a non-profit organisation that is funded by various Government Funding, including NDIS.  Funding is all individualised to provide support on a needs based approach, thus enabling staff to cater to the Service Users personal needs as necessary (i.e. 1 hour per day or 24 hours per day depending on individual needs).

The members of Community Lifestyles Agency Inc. act on the belief that every person in our society has the right to a quality lifestyle, while living in the place of his/her choice as an integral member of the community.
Community Lifestyles Agency Inc. seeks to ensure that Service Users (i.e. people with a disability) have the opportunity to take on the valued roles of their choice. 
In so doing, we will encounter the normal risks of an independent lifestyle, just as we all do. There is dignity in risk and esteem to be gained from risking and succeeding.
In practical terms, these principles demand "excellence" from Community Lifestyles Agency Inc. as an organisation, and from its employees.
The Agency encourages individuals to be involved in developing their own plans and goals, which staff can then assist you in achieving.






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