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The National Injury Insurance Scheme, Queensland (NIISQ) funds necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support for people who have sustained an eligible serious personal injury in a motor vehicle accident in Queensland, on or after 1 July 2016.

 In line with the NIISQ Act, an eligible serious personal injury includes:

Under the NIISQ Act, the NIISQ Agency may fund necessary treatment, care and support for eligible participants with the above stated serious personal injuries. This includes funding the provision of services for:

Once someone is accepted into NIISQ, they enter as an interim participant and will receive funding for necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support related to their motor vehicle accident injuries for the next two years. Towards the end of those two years, the interim participant’s recovery is assessed to determine whether they can leave the Scheme as a result of their recovery, or if they are eligible to continue to receive necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support for the rest of their life. Different eligibility criteria may apply for participants aged under 18 years.

Information on eligibility and the application process to become a participant with NIISQ:

  • Most people severely injured in a motor vehicle accident in QLD will be admitted to a major hospital.
  • The hospital’s Social Worker may talk with you and your family about possible eligibility to NIISQ, and what the application process involves.
  • NIISQ is a no-fault scheme. This means we can provide treatment, care and support regardless of who was at fault in the accident, as long as you meet these eligibility criteria as outlined in the National Injury Insurance Scheme (Queensland) Act 2016 and Regulation 2016.

Accessing the Scheme

Once you are accepted into NIISQ, we will assign a Support Planner who will be your main point of contact at the NIISQ Agency.

While you are in hospital, your Support Planner may:

  • make contact with you or your treating team and discuss our services and the support the NIISQ Agency provides
  • regularly contact you and your hospital team to monitor your progress
  • work with you and your treatment providers to plan for your return home
  • assess, approve and pay for injury-related services (e.g. equipment, home modifications, rehabilitation or attendant care) required when you return home
  • help develop your support plan to assist you to live at home and participate in your community (e.g. rehabilitation, attendant care, equipment and home modifications).

Your Support Planner will then work with you to make sure you receive the treatment, care and support you require.

If your needs change over time, your Support Planner will work with you to determine any changes required.

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How to get support

As a NIISQ participant you may be able to access support from a number of sources including:

  • The NIISQ Agency Support Planning team
  • Queensland Hospital and Health Services
  • Your general practitioner/doctor
  • Local organisations

For accident-related treatment, care and support the NIISQ Agency will work with you, or your guardian, to understand your needs, your goals, and the supports appropriate for you.

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