We are very proud to be a Registered Provider and a Registered Charity. 

This means we need to meet the requirements of many rules and regulations in Australia. 

What is TTP?

TTP is a special NDIS pricing arrangement paid by the NDIA to service providers.

Why is TTP paid?

TTP helps service providers, such as CLA, continue to provide high quality support. CLA has included TTP in our prices.

Does TTP change the type of supports provided by CLA?

TTP does not change the support people receive from us. It is an additional payment paid by the NDIA.

Where can I find more about the TTP?

Information about the TTP Payment can be found on page 35 of the 2021-22 NDIS Price Guide.

The table below outlines the TTP price per hour CLA receives from the NDIA for supports provided in the Community, In-home, at Learning & Lifestyle, and for Supported Employment.

The most up to date pricing and costing can be found here: 

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